• Skinny Teen: The Hero's Journey For The New Porn Millennium (January 10, 2015)

    At Femme-Life we recognize the emergence of a new female archetype hero; the Skinny Teen. In pop-culture, we see Miley Cyrus plus a plethora of Lolitaesque types on the Disney and Nickolodeon channels.

    Porn is the venue where the Skinny Teen is a real game changer. A production company can produce a featur video with high level sound and photography with a thoughtful script and excellent performances by the talent, and meet with modest economic results. Skinny Teen to the rescue.

    Society's preoocupation youth and diet, have elevated the Skinny Teen to mythological status. 

    Combine this with the saturation of free porn, and the realization that production value porn is on the endangered list, the Skinny Teen phenonenon is the wave of the future.


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